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Remote Access to Labs with Horizon View

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Horizon View allows you to access an academic lab computer remotely. VPN is not required to use Horizon View to access the labs as it has encryption built into the Blast Extreme protocol it runs on. Once connected you are allowed to fully utilize all the resources of the computer you are connected to (except you can't print to the lab printers!) You are able to use all the programs, files, and network resources from your home or laptop computer.

There is a two hour time limit on each session. You will be disconnected without warning at the end of the session. You have 15 minutes after a forced disconnect to reconnect to avoid losing unsaved work.

You are required by the State of SC to use multifactor authentication to access your computer from outside the network. For more information about USC's Duo implementation, please see this brochure. The Horizon View client will prompt you for Duo multifactor authentication when you log in.

Instructions for installing the View client can be found in the menu on the right.